Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Two days since my last rant? OH NO!

I have so many irritating things to rant about today.

But I suppose I should start with a general rant, because it seems to be happening to me pretty often lately. Don't do things just to get some kind of reaction out of me. If you have to resort to something like that, it's more than likely that I straight up do not give a fuck.

And I'll be honest here - I don't give a fuck about most things lately. I'm struggling to break the surface on the "homework/fuck you professors" ocean, while trying to make sure that I'm there in case A/K/A (I do that just for the lulz) need to talk, along with my lovely friends from work. Other than that, I care about my parents. And I care about listening to music constantly. Everything else is a non-issue. I don't have time to devote to drama, nor do I care to.

On a slightly happier note (but that's not the point of this blog!), I'm going to have a campfire type thing with the people from my drama workshop tomorrow night. I'm really looking forward to it, actually. There's this totally badass girl that writes the most twisted stories in the class, and she'll be there. We get on quite well, she definitely brings out the feminist in me. Also, I just enjoy watching her do battle with this weird idiot in our class.

Reasons that I hate this guy:

1. He has this really irritating manner of speaking. It makes me want to set him on fire.

2. He seems to have this tendency to want to deal with really huge topics in the span of a very short script. Like suicide, or homosexuality, or... you know, someone who commits suicide because they're "in the closet."

3. I wouldn't have a problem with the above if he didn't do it so callously.

4. My script this semester was about lesbians who win the lottery. The point of the script wasn't to show that OMGZ LESBIANS ARE NORMAL OMFG or something, it was to show that people always dream about winning the lottery, and it might not always be as ideal as people think it would be. So the girls get stalked and flashed and end up running off because they don't want to deal with the crap anymore. And his peer edit spent AGES wondering why they were lesbians.

WHY do I have to give a reason for making my couple lesbian? It was an... I don't want to say arbitrary, but there was no hidden symbolism or whatever in it. They were just lesbians, because the couple in my script for our play portion was straight. It was more a balance thing for me. Was I setting out to make a political statement by treating a gay relationship like a straight relationship? Nope. A relationship is a goddamn relationship.

A relationship is between two people who are initially attracted to each other and then end up hating each other. Homosexual break ups get just as messy as straight relationships, gay relationships have the revolting lovey-dovey phase at the beginning, blah blah.

It pisses me off that choosing to treat human beings as human beings is a political statement now.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Two hours later and I'm back at it again...


Also, the real purpose of this was to rant about internet chauvinism.

Yes, that's right. Not only do I hate everything, but I'm a dirty feminist with a filthy potty mouth and left-wing ideals to boot. Go fuck yourself.

I'm annoyed and disturbed by the amount of LOL WOMEN BELONG IN THE KITCHEN HAHA SO FUNNY AND CUTTING EDGE pages/groups on Facebook for many reasons. The main reason is perfectly obvious, of course: we've now come full circle, and to a place where it's actually ACCEPTABLE for people to make "jokes" like that. And women ACCEPT men making "jokes" like that. And it's okay to completely ignore the fact that 99.9999999% of these groups are made by men, and it's good that everyone ignores the fact that the creation of the group or page is completely symptomatic of a larger problem: there are people out there who actually believe these things.

You know what the worst part is? Most guys will try and insist that they don't actually believe that a woman's place is barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen (I think few things piss me off as much as that comment. There's so much wrong with it that I don't know where to begin, so I'm just going to sharpen my knife and slash some jugulars now.) or any of the other stupid fucking things that these pages/groups say.

Now, they'll say they don't actually believe it. But then you'll say something that smells too strongly of feminism, and they'll get uncomfortable and be unsure of how to react. Guys like the idea of a woman who isn't afraid to speak her mind, it's totally hot until it goes against what they believe. If you say something too extreme (like that fabulous quote that goes "Feminism is the radical belief that women are human beings."), it's suddenly not sexy anymore, it's just uncomfortable.

"Why you gotta hate on us? We never did anything but make sexist jokes to perpetuate stereotypes that we secretly believe because the idea of women being equal to us and our dicks is terrifying."


Many things are rage-inducing today.

I was skyping with Ashley and I got talking about my "showdown," if one could call it that, with Sarah's idiot of an ex-boyfriend. I don't know why I called it a showdown, I owned him repeatedly and handily, if I do say so myself. My favourite response to type was "Slit your throat, please." It was just so enjoyable!

I hate school so much right now. It seems like every single thing my professors say is designed to reduce me to a quivering mess of nerves and suppressed rage. We're behind in our lectures for my 20th century Britain class, behind in both my Spanish classes... I think we're good in my modern Europe class, but I dunno. At least that goddamn long writing workshop is over... I'm so relieved to be leaving the department next year. I know that's a crappy thing to say, but I am. I learned a lot in the writing classes, but I really want to do professional writing, like journalism, not learning proper script format. I shall declare myself as a history/Spanish major, much to the disappointment of my parents. I think they wish that I would study English and history and then become a teacher... like I'd be anything but balls at that.

My rage inducer for today was the goddamn "baby." I use the word in quotation marks because HE'S NOT ACTUALLY A BABY HE'S OVER TWO YEARS OLD. But they treat him like a child, he cries all the time and they wait for him to "get it all out." Yet the little bastard is still crying three hours later. And people wonder why I hate children! I fucking hate them so much. I never want one. And I hate when people act like their rudeness or bad behaviour is acceptable because they have kids. Eat shit. Just... die.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

I hate when people know that they owe you money but don't pay you back.

And then act like everything's all well and fine and continue on like those are things that have been there all along wtf.

31 left. Dying to get out.
See, another rant for the day...

In a lot of ways, I goddamn hate Facebook. Sometimes, when I'm in a particularly vicious mood, I actually enjoy watching a person post emo status update after emo status update, and I laugh and say things like, "what a fucking loser!"

I know. I'm a total bitch.

Alas, right now, there's too much status update drama for me. It seems like every other update has someone talking about their life falling apart. I feel bad for them, somewhat, but I don't want to see it on Facebook. Unless it's hilarious, in which case, post away. Most of it is, but sometimes, I see one and I get this weird feeling that I'm told is pity, and then I fucking hate the person for making me feel such a foolish thing.

And some status updates are just fucking strange. It's weird to see nerds trying to act tough, posting threatening lyrics (they're really all just poorly constructed and sound fucking stupid) or trying to act in a threatening fashion. It's like, you weigh a hundred pounds, I could snap you in half and I would laugh while I did it.

I was going to rant about Ann Coulter, but I just can't bring myself to talk about all the things that piss me off about her. I may end up ranting about Twatlight next, however. Apparently whatever shitty film from the "saga" is out for DVD and shit is quite popular, everyone's posting status updates about it. I goddamn hate Twilight.

I haven't gone anywhere, so here's some rants about yesterday.

Inspired by Erin's blog, I have also decided to create one. I'm significantly bitchier and angrier than Erin, however, so I'm sure I'll offend everyone at some point... If only I was American, then I could justify it as "freedom of speech" or something. Just kidding. Somewhat.

Yesterday, at work (I work in a thrift store that tries to disguise itself as a second-hand department store), a woman came through my till with four books. I asked her if she had a fifth (the "deal" is that if you buy four books, you get a fifth one free) and she said that she did not. I had just put in two books at $3.99 (they were hardcover books, that's the rule, blah blah) when she slammed the last book she was holding on the counter and said, "I thought it was buy one, get three free." I stared at her for a very long time with my "what the fuck are you fucking stupid" face and ran through all the things I wanted to say to her in my head. I settled on one question that was significantly less confrontational (as in, it didn't include the word "stupid" once). I asked her how that would be profitable for us. And she fired back with, "I don't care about your goddamn profits, that's what the girl told me."

So I asked her which girl she meant, and she said, "That fat one!" and pointed to Erin. Not only was I fucking pissed because Erin is NOT fat, I was pissed that she was trying to blame her stupidity on someone that I know for a fact would never say that, because she knows our rules and she can actually, you know, READ A FUCKING SIGN THAT'S EVERYWHERE WHEN SHE'S LOOKING FOR A BOOK FOR HALF A FUCKING HOUR THE SIGN IS ON EVERY SINGLE FUCKING BOOK SHELF UGH. So I said that I doubted that it was Erin and that whoever she asked must not have been clear, and I explained the rule. Of course, I was rather bitchy, because I wanted to smack her or punch her right in her ugly goddamn mouth. She asked me repeatedly if I was "sure" of the rule, getting progressively more rude each time, as I kept informing her that yes, I was sure, yes, I knew the rule, and that I have worked at this store (not that particular location, but for the chain) for nearly a year. She decided to be an idiot (I suppose she didn't have a choice, such was her nature) and demanded that I call a supervisor over, which I did gladly. And by gladly, I mean that Jen was nearby, so I said "JEN" and she came over.

The lady proceeds to ask Jen her (stupid fucking) question. Jen stares at her for a while (I'd love to know how Jen does that without looking bitchy. Not that I wouldn't want to look bitchy, I'd just like to know how she does it.) and then repeats what I've tried to pound into this lady's head that houses her poor excuse for a brain. Then this bitch... I mean woman... acts like we tried to fucking trick her or something. I swear to Noel Gallagher (I don't believe in God, but that's my equivalent) that this is how the remainder of the conversation went.

Jen: "Well, I don't know who would have told you that, but -"

Dumb bitch: "That girl!" *pointing vaguely in the complete opposite direction from Erin, who she claimed told her that stupid idea for a deal when she was pissing me off before Jen got there.*

Jen: "I'm sorry, but that's not our rule." *Looks at me, and I nod to let her know that I'm good for the rest of this.*

Me: *as Jen walks away* Thanks, Jen.

Dumb bitch: "Yeah, thanks for NOTHING."

Me: "Do you still want your books."

Dumb bitch: "I just want the ONE fucking book that I fucking came in for."

Me: "$4.19."

Dumb bitch: "What the fuck this is outrageous -"

Me: "That's how much hardcover books are. Do you want it."

Dumb bitch: "Yes, this is the fucking book I came in for."

Me: "$4.19. Want a bag."

Dumb bitch: "Yes, I fucking want a bag."

I chuck her book in a bag and wait for her to give me her filthy money. I made sure I didn't directly touch her or anything, though, Jaimie always reminds me that stupidity is contagious.

She gives me the money, I give her her change, and as she's walking out, she starts bitching again.

Dumb bitch (why will she not shut up?): "This is fucking stupid, I'm never coming back!"

Me: "That's actually great! Bye now!"

I swear, I've never been treated like a sub-human before because of where I work. It's interesting but a total goddamn piss off sometimes.

This is rather long, but I'm sure I'll have something else to rant about soon... I can think of a few things, but perhaps my next rant will be about Ann Coulter. Because apparently I enjoy talking about someone who makes me want to light myself on fire.

There will probably be multiple updates a day, because that's just... I spend a lot of time angry, and I look at this as an opportunity to attempt to get a lot of that rage out.