Friday, April 15, 2011

So... it's been a while.

Hello children. It's been... a while... since I posted on here, but that doesn't mean that I haven't been angry. I think maybe I've been slightly less angry than usual, but that's probably the Cadbury Creme Egg and vanilla milk talking. I still rant daily... multiple times, probably, but my rants have been reduced more to twitter than anything else. Don't hate.

Anyway, lately I've been pretty annoyed at the way some people I know treat their friends. This isn't really directed at anyone in particular (except one bitch but even if she was I wouldn't give a fuck), but it fucking sucks to see people I care about treated like shit, so there we go.

It seems like people have been so overfuckingsensitive lately. And selfish. Really fucking selfish. I just need to start slapping bitches and reminding them that the world doesn't revolve around them. I also need to punch every single person in the teeth who posts passive-aggressive Facebook statuses and then backs up on the bitchiness when someone that they were talking about comments. I mean, post the statuses, I give a fuck - I'm guilty of it too sometimes - but have the guts to admit that you were talking about that person or don't say anything at all. It's like I said in my last post (from January...? Seriously? Wow I suck, apparently two blogs at once is simply too much work for me) - if it's something you wouldn't have the balls to say in real life, don't fucking say it.

The other thing that's really getting on my balls lately is the same sort of thing as always. I hate my job because it makes me miserable (except for the people I work with - all my coworkers are awesome but most of my supervisors suck) and even the one good thing about it (coworkers) are all miserable because they hate this goddamn job too. It's like a vicious cycle of misery and I'm sure it's only going to get worse once businesses have to start paying above slave labour. Oooh no, big business, you simply don't have any money at all to pay your employees so they can afford to, you know, live. I totally understand how hard that is because fuck off and die. I hate my job because incompetent people get promoted or hired on when perfectly capable people are getting left behind. I especially hate it because it's always men getting hired on to do positions that existing employees could do more than adequately. I'm just saying, pretty much all of the boss people at my fucking job are men, yet most of the employees themselves are women. So it just seems a little dodgy that men keep getting hired to do jobs that the women could do too.

I also hate my supervisors (most of them) because they (and I definitely DO mean the men here) have this irritating goddamn habit of moving around a lot and not fucking doing anything. Walking around with the schedule clipboard is not doing something. There's only five of us working, you fucking asshole, even you can remember at least a bit of that. And you know it's bad when fucking customers comment on it. A lady came through my till today and straight up said that the only people who work at that store are women. I didn't really say anything and she said that the men just walk around trying to look busy and that the supervisor for our part of the store only comes down when he absolutely has to and then acts like it's a giant fucking inconvenience the whole time. I obviously agreed but I wasn't going to say shit all.

And then she started in on the object of my most intense loathing at work. One of my supervisors. Said he's a sexist, condescending pig and that he treats us all like we can't do our jobs. And then I got to thinking about how I detest him so much and why. I've made a list of why I hate him so much. Want to see it? Too bad, you're going to.

1. I fucking hate him because he's one of those people that talks a lot and never says anything. I don't know how else to explain it except to say that nothing he says is of value.
2. I fucking hate him because any time someone does something that isn't the way he would do it, he gets all bent out of shape and spends ten minutes lecturing us and saying the same goddamn thing over and over. Maybe I should've switched one and two around, since I basically just said he says nothing over and over. Which is true.
3. I hate him because he is so fucking fake. He's absolutely ecstatic when he hears any bit of gossip. His eyes seriously light up with the most malicious glee I've ever seen. Yet he's told me numerous times that the women at work spend all their time gossiping. a;dskjghas;dkh
4. This ties into three, but he's a complete sexist. And I don't give a FUCK how many times people say it's a cultural thing or that it's because he's from a different generation. That is no fucking excuse for not extending the same respect to women. Women are human beings too (shocker) and to treat them so fucking rudely blows my mind. No wonder he's single.
5. This also ties into three, but he alternates between acting like a big douchebag to me and then trying to befriend me. By doing stupid shallow things, like saying that I have nice hair (I do) or that my nails look nice (they always do). Or like a few nights ago, he told me that he really liked my nails (and went on to blab about his background in arts I DON'T CARE) and then basically told me that I wear too much make up.

He's basically just the most loathsome, foul human being I've eve rmet. And this means that I'm actually saying he's worse than the sewing teacher who threw one of my classmates across the room (seriously), the elementary school teacher I had that was such a giant bitch that we all went crazy one day and basically trashed a classroom, causing her to have a nervous breakdown, and anyone ever who wears fucking bar glitter on their nails. Seriously.

So I guess, in short, this is to let you know that I'm still alive and angry. I wanted to do a big feminist rant but I've been feministing a lot lately and it's a lot to try and sort out and form into sentences and paragraphs and stuff. So yeah. Still alive, still angry, still... here?

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  1. I love this. please rant again. orrrrr make it a private blog so we can rant about people? <3